JOAO CESER “System Failure” TipTop Audio TTAR VA 0002. Mastering by Tommy Bianchi

Joao Ceser – System Failure from Tiptop Film on Vimeo.


Title: System Failure

Title Album: TTAR VA 0002

Animation/ Direction by: Grazia L’Abbate

Release Date: 09.02.2016

Label: Tiptop Audio Records

Genre: Techno

Mastering by Tommy Bianchi @ White Sound Mastering Studio

Distribuited by Wordandsound

This visual exploration is opened by the work of Robert Delaunay. This animation is an amalgamation of historical references to avant-guarde works of art, encapsulated as a summary within shapes. The circular shape takes the main role of an animated journey through abstract geometry and colours in motion: a balance between action and reaction animates the works of Zazzle Art,László Moholy-Nagy, Kazimir Malevič, Vasilij Kandinsky, Albers Rhythm, Paul Klee, and Roy Lichtenstein’s pop art where the circle ultimately becomes the basic unit of the picture.

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Un’opera di Robert Delaunay apre questa esplorazione visuale che percorre la ricerca formale delle avanguardie storiche attraverso una sintesi di forme pure. La forma circolare diviene protagonista di un viaggio animato fra geometrie astratte e colori in movimento: un equilibrio fra azione e reazione anima le composizioni di László Moholy-Nagy, Kazimir Malevič, Vasilij Kandinsky, Albers Rhythm, Paul Klee, fino all’arte pop di Roy Lichtenstein, in cui il cerchio diviene l’unità fondamentale dell’immagine.

8 aprile 2016 Video, Works