Introducing….WSM PEQ 2.0 MASTERING EQ

WSM Labs introduces the WSM PEQ – 2.0 Mastering Equalizer from WSM LABS on Vimeo.

WSM Labs is proud to introduce its first product, the WSM PEQ 2.0.

WSM PEQ-2.0 is a solid state “PultecĀ® style EQ”, with dual-mono channel topology designed specifically for Mastering.

Its solid state design gives it excellent transient response, and has knobs with stepped controls to guarantee perfect reproduction of the stereo spectrum and with amazing complete recall capabilities.

The HARDWARE was created as the evolution of a classic PultecĀ® equalizer using passive filters , inductors and transformers , while the design choice of a make -up solid state makes it suitable for any musical genre.

The low frequency band has been enhanced by being split , so now, unlike with most Pultec-style units, you can use the controls of the CUT and BOOST simultaneously on multiple frequencies. This provides greater flexibility and many more possibilities for sound-shaping the audio.

The WSM began as a custom project of White Sound Mastering Studio in Florence.

8 aprile 2016 Senza categoria