MADH NEW ALBUM OUT 10th July 2015 for SONY MUSIC. Mastered by Tommy Bianchi @ White Sound Mastering Studio

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Techno/House Bass Drum designed with Ableton Live 9 by Tommy Bianchi. Download Ableton Project (.zip) for free here:  Le-KicK Project

29 dicembre 2014 Software


The project Eldorado is an Antonio Bacchiddu idea, it would create evocative sounds which could emanate images in
the listener imagination.The Tommy Bianchi production at the White Sound Mastering Studio has let this spark be and
everything slowly started to grow up. The suggestion to the 80’s,90’s and 2000’s are disclosed e renascent with a new
dress,metallic and compact but with countless levels of depth. Eldorado is minimal in it’s essential concept: structures and melodies they move like in a circle or a mantra but spontaneous like sport o games for children. Because of this
there are a lot of possible direction and Elastica Records gave to this an essential contribute with a declination of
Eldorado sound in four different and incredible nuances. The Deleted Soul,Gropina,Tuzzy and Bangalore remixes are a
journey through four worlds,far and close at the same time,four windows on a common universe and the final result is amazing. Eldorado project is audio and video. Nine songs walk together with nine dreams. A simple cardboard box,not original but democratically pop, moves in a visionary space telling about the precarious balance in the human relationships. The cardboard box becomes a graphic illustration,a little character with no facial expression,a receptacle that changes as the thoughts,emotions,vibration that you put inside of it change. The cardboardbox man dresses a neutral coverall and it represents the hard work to do to get the objective. The objective in this case is: to express yourself. The first song chosen with Elastica is “Witness” and the vision that goes with it is inspired by the sound of the snare drum that is a sample of a tennis ball. This song tells about a relationship between two persons that sometimes is a match or a challenge a game. The video is a materialization and dematerialization of this basic concept.
Eldorado in born and is growing and collecting a lot of precious collaborations: Deleted Soul he made a great remix and moreover a great video too. So this is Eldorado,so it begins

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The Stick Men


OPEN is the new Stick Men ‘s album, mixed and mastered at White Sound Mastering Studio by Tommy Bianchi and Andrea Pelle Pellegrini


27 agosto 2014 Senza categoria


A really special day at White Sound Mastering Studio with Andrew Belew and Julie Slick!

5 agosto 2014 Senza categoria

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